In honor of Black History Month, we are proud to embrace and express the diversity
in the Black community. Beauty In Me celebrates the beauty in Black women—


Maiah Martin

Director, Consumer Engagement,
North America, Estée Lauder

Maiah is a passionate storyteller who credits her love of
all things beauty to her mother, who has always inspired her
to present her best self and uplift other women to see the
beauty within themselves. She continues that committment to
authentic representation through her work at Estée Lauder
by elevating all #EsteeBeauties across varying ages,
genders, ethnicities and body types.

Cleo Wade

Best-Selling Author & Poet

Cleo Wade is a friend, community-builder and a
best-selling author who has been called the poet
of her generation by Time Magazine. She currently
lives in California with her partner Simon where
she writes, paints and dances in the kitchen with
her daughter Memphis.

Janie Medley

Fashion & Lifestyle Expert

Janie Medley is the Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer of Medley
Style where she encourages women to begin a new chapter
in their lives no matter their age. She has appeared in
Essence Magazine and currently hosts a monthly fashion
segment on a local talk and entertainment show in Virginia.

Heidy Sanchez

Field Executive, Estée Lauder

Heidy Sanchez was born in an interracial home, and was
introduced to beauty very early by her mother who believed in
homemade haircare and skincare treatments. She didn't look like
her at all. "My skin color is darker and my hair is thick and curly,
but my mother has long straight hair and fair skin."

Heidy looked for role models growing up in magazines, but she
rarely saw women who looked like her. It was then when she
decided that she could help others embrace and celebrate their
unique beauty and her career in beauty started. Heidy identifies
as an Afro-Latina and she is very proud of her roots and heritage.

Kara Newsome

Field Executive & Trainer, Estée Lauder

Kara currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and began her
career in 2001 as a part-time Beauty Advisor while attending the
illustrious HBCU Shaw University. A few years after graduation
and a short stint in journalism later, her heart and passion brought
her back to the beauty industry. Kara moved on to become an
Estée Lauder Account Coordinator and has since been promoted
to an Education Executive for the Raleigh market. She has held
this position for the last nine years and continues to directly
impact our #EsteeBeauties' in-store experiences every day.

Camilla Seawright

Director, Product Marketing, Estée Lauder

Subsequent to obtaining a Bachelor's Degree from University
of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia University, she
was drawn to beauty because it was one industry where
she felt a deep connection to the consumer. As a true
consumer of the products herself, she loved everything from
the constant innovation, to the playful exploration and
creativity associated with the beauty industry. She's been
hooked since her first beauty internship in college.

Crystal Sai

Director of Brand Activation,
Global Communications &
Corporate Affairs, Estée Lauder

Crystal's nontraditional background in beauty has landed her
in a diversity of roles, brands and functions during her 7+ year
tenure at The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC). As Director of
Brand Activation, Crystal focuses on designing events and
programming to champion The Estée Lauder Companies'
cultural values of inclusivity and equity. She also chairs The
Estée Lauder Companies Black employee resource group
NOBLE, the Network of Black Leaders and Executives.

Camille Stanley

Senior Manager, Editorial Content
Creative, Estée Lauder

Camille is a creative writer who is passionate about developing
relatable content for all audiences and forms of media with an
expertise in digital platforms. Before devoting her work to
Estée Lauder North America, Camille created short- and long-form
content for companies and is always looking for ways to enhance
messaging through obtaining the latest facts, news data or any
opportunity that will broaden her knowledge base. During her spare
time, Camille writes short stories, poetry and creative non-fiction.

Amanda Jones

Executive Director, Product Marketing,
Estée Lauder

Amanda's passion for materially and positively impacting
women's everyday lives led her to build a career in the
beauty industry. She's built a track record of leading
successful multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for
personal care and beauty brands and now leads the North
America Product Marketing team at Estée Lauder.

We are inspired, energized and committed to deliver on our promise of racial equality.

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to champion the diversity and more that the Black community has given us.